A 7 Step Course

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Step - 1
Win the biggest battle by correcting concepts about autism and creating right and proper environment
Step - 2
Emotionally balance the autistic person, generate hope and faith in oneself and surroundings and build an observation about persons liking, disliking, tantrums, interest etc.
Step - 3
Form a long term strategy to handle different situations like melt downs, tantrums, own world status, motivating to do some thing etc.
Step - 4
Start the self dependence development by training person in needed skills and start building a platform to connect the person more to the reality
Step - 5
Connect the person to spirituality, more to reality and start improving and developing permanent self esteem and self confidence to handle things and surrounding
Step - 6
Make person aware of different surroundings and process and start building skills to fit in them and handle them as per persons own attitude and personality
Step - 7
Fine tune the things needed to take control of own and situation and help the person to move on the path of independent self living


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