About Course

What course is about

This is a program for families to work with people dealing with autism to make them more self dependent and find happyness in their own awesomness. This is not a special training program. This is program based on day to day adjustment and training program for families having someone with autism.

Program does not requires any special skills it requires an attentive awareness and small helping and learning based actions from family and / or some one close to one suffering from autism.

It’s a completely systematic planned program with motive to

Ø   Provide right environment to people dealing with autism

Ø   Provide right amount of faith and motivation about right things at right time

Ø   Provide right dealing method for parents

Ø   Develop real interest in child in surroundings and learning

Ø   Shapes-up and develop following important things

o     Faith in oneself

o     Connect to spiritual

o     Hope for self learning and self control on life

o     Self Esteem

o     Basic Skills

o     Basic Awareness

Ø   Development of self learning in social skills and self learning

Purpose of the course

To develop interest and capability in child to learn things with motivation to take control of own life by use of proper environment by use of day to day basis focused and generalized observations, corrections and training.

Course is designed on following points

1.   Environment correction

2.   Spiritual connection

3.   Connecting more to reality

4.   Basic awareness development

5.   Basic quality development

6.   Skills development

7.   Peculiar habit corrections

8.   Basic social skills correction and development

9.   Self learning capability enhancement

10.   Self esteem and confidence development to take control of own life

11.   Social behavior tackling based on own thought process in proper manner

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