About Program


This is a motivational and practically applicable program based on internal development and day to day based learning for autistic children with help of family and or friends.

The program is based on concept that autism has got more to do with partial disconnection to reality, inability to learn by observation and small hindrances in performing basic activities and presentation of self.

The program is based on strong belief that by systematic little adjustments in behavior, right changes in environment around the child, right observations and a friendly method of dealing can do miracles and make autistic people the awesome human beings (which they already are) to cope and deal with life with confidence and faith

The program covers internal development of child, spirituality, self dependence development, surety of basic instructions and dealing of day to day problems faced.

Program tries to explain what a topic is , how to do.

Program is bundled with picture based and other lessons to make learning easy like prayer, daily routine picture training, list of basic instructions needed etc. in there respective sections.

Reading the different sections in this website will motivate you, can give you some insight which can help you in great manner. All materials are in simple language bundled with motivating and insight giving pictures.

This program is accompnied with a complete step by step course to accomplish its motive. You need to log in as registered user (totally free) in this web site to access the complete content of the course click here to register if you are not registered here.


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