About this web site

We need to counter own wrong confusions about autism and first  accept autism with respect to understand it. Only right handling can make real difference for all.
The way you handle autism can make the real difference in the lifes of all related to autism
This is an inspirational place for loving parents and care givers in families having someone dealing with autism. This website completely believes in the capability of development of people dealing with autism.
Reading the different sections in this website will motivate you,can give you some insight which can help you in great manner. All materials are in simple language bundled with motivating and insight giving pictures.
Here you will get full of motivational materials, inspirational materials, working methods and tips for development of people dealing with autism and we keep on adding new materials regularly
Here there is a motivational and systematic plan for parents and care givers on how to develop the people dealing with autism so they become self dependent. This section will inspire, guide, motivate and present a simple plan and what to do
Here there is a complete step by step course that can be followed by parents to acheive the goals of above program. This section will present the implementation section for above plan.
When ever you will log on to this page in the above section you will find an inspirational, motivational, informative picture of content which you can access by clicking on the picture
It has got 2 sections
1. Program - This explains the basic concept of the program with lots of motivational and insight material bundeled with insightfull pictures.
2. Course - A step by step course to accomplish the concepts of the program. Reading the program is first step to have the feel about the course.
Welcome and lets start the journey to self development of people dealing with autism
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