Aim Of The Program

Connect The Person More To Reality
Autism has got more to do with partial disconnection to reality, inability to learn by observation and small hindrances in performing basic activities and presentation of self.
Making Them Sure About Most Of The Things Needed In Daily Life
Its like when you yourself are told an address of a house and you are told sure about in which street the house is. But are not surely told where exactly house is located and house is located in same street but not in sequence number. 
Here you can see how confusing and difficult it gets to find a house which you are very capable of finding it if you know exactly where it is and how easy it is. And how difficult it gets when there is little confusion even though you know it is there for sure.

Same applies for autistic people they are capable but face very little confusions of surety of basic instructions and small things in life so they find to do small things difficult. If this can be adjusted and they are made to learn it it will help them a lot in long way.

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