Build right training awareness for self

Remember the basic concept about working with them
  • Remember you don't need to do some thing very extra effort or need any kind of extra resources you need time, computer and internet for it.
  • Remember you are not just giving training to them. You are adjusting the environment around them to positive level, working on a plan and making them learn by themselves.
  • Remember this is not training like school. Its application in day to day life and it hasn't got any time table like it will keep going on in daily life.
  • Remember training never means lectures and fix tasks to them. Lectures and fix tasks will be based on day to day life and you will use lecture to child like explaining as a friend not as a teacher and tasks should be tasks related to them which they have to do anyway in daily life.
  • Remember you are making them learn by making yourself and people around more focused towards them in them him better with taking as minimum as possible of their space away from them but rather creating more space for them, making the atmosphere around them positive and following the right strategy to achieve to make their outlook normal towards things.

Keep doing this

  • Keep trying to understand their basic thinking, fears, likings, regrets and interests.
  • Keep trying to understand basic methods to make them understand.
  • Never keep looking for result in short period of time. Just keep looking that they are progressing towards handling things rightly or not.
  • If you find anything peculiar then let us know so we could best possible answer and mail it back to you or you yourself try to find a way out.
  • Always review things and discuss with related people and expert if needed.
  • Never give-up they will sure get right and fine.

Working difficulties to expect

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