Connect to basic reality


Here the main purpose of this step is to make people suffering from autism environment aware and to teach them the basic commands used in life in sure manner (for people who already know and are aware of many of such things  should see what they are missing and don't know and should be made aware and taught them about it)

Basic awareness about self

  • Who am I
  • I am some one with lots of worth for my own
  • I am capable and loved
  • I got lots of capability and i can do things i want
  • I am the best in my own and i can learn and go ahead
  • Quotes and stories about it

Basic awareness about different concepts

  •   What people are
  •   How world goes around
  •   About neighbors
  •   About why people do job
  •   About why money is needed and how all earn it


Basic activities capability development

  • ADL
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene
  • Difference between home and outside known place and outside unknown places
  • Difference between family, friends, professional people and unknown people
  • Self schedule remembrance

Concentration Development

  • Make them sit in a place for few minutes with out doing any thing
  • Make them do a small task like putting all glasses back to shelf from start to bottom
  • Make them sit and close eye for few minutes
  • Teach them to empty there mind
  • Teach them right sleep

Basic environment awareness

Make them completely aware about their surrounding and all objects and processes they come cross daily with what they are, what is there use and why they are important. So when ever they go some place like enter a room then they scan automatically as they know the utilities of objects and processes. That way they will connect more to reality and will come out more from their own world syndrom.

Basic awareness about how life goes on

Basic awareness of all the things around them

Basic objects, commands learning and awareness

Start slowly improving and building their self esteem and confidence

Object awareness and learning

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Process and concept awareness and learning

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