Generate Hope And Faith For Betterment


Best way to generate hope in people suffering from autism is to make them feel more then letting them know things are good and fine;

  • Make them feel at home, let them do small accomplishment with extra ordinary effort of yours even that could be as small as moving things from one place to other, it will help them 1000 times more then the effort put.
  • Make them know how others are also not perfect and adjust things and attitude so its not that much difference for them.
  • Give them small plans to do things so they know some thing is working for them.
  • Let them know that things are working to make them self dependent and that part of making them self dependent is not forgotton.
  • Involve them in small decisions.
  • Keep the awareness and know how that their is task for them to become self dependent and have to work on it always remembered in their mind.

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