Right sleep awareness and training


Right sleep is most important part to start making any one feel good

Help them to go to sleep right

  • Convey them about importance of good sleep
  • Before they go to sleep remind them to empty their mind

Before they go to sleep check to see what is going on their mind like

  • Check do they have some task to do and they thinking about it.
  • Check do they have some interest of their to follow like going to see some thing and they waiting for morning. If it is then most probably they will be thinking about it and waiting the morning to come
  • Is some incident they remembering  etc.

What ever is going on in their mind talk about it and clear it and also tell them that in night nothing can happen and have only to sleep so should empty the mind and sleep.

Steps to take

  • Make their sleeping place as comfortable for them as possible
  • Show them how you sleep relaxed
  • Remind them to think nothing and empty their mind
  • Relax and calm them before they go to sleep

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