Family based course to help people suffering from autism


A 7 step course to make people dealing from autism more self independent and to adopt the real world with more confidence as per own methods by use of day to day basis learning experience with help of families with autism.
Course is designed to cover emotional balancing, developing hope, spiritual connection, self development skills, important basic day to day life objects, processes and concepts learning developing own observation based learning capability and lot. Course does not requires any particular knowledge or training it is day to day basis learning process for the child with help of family and or people concerened towards childs development growth.
Purpose of the course is to develop interest and capability in child to learn things with motivation to take control of own life by use of proper environment by use of day to day basis focused and generalized observations, corrections and training.
About Mehtodology Resources Implementation
This is a program for people dealing with autism ..... It's a complete training without making child realize it's a ..... Some one close to child in family to take care of things ..... Course is not about step-1 then step-2 then step-3 it's .....
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