Implementation Method

Course is not about

Step-1 then  Step-2 then Step–3 then Step-4 then Step–5 then Step-6 then Step-7  

It is about

Step-1 then Step-1+Step-2 then Step-1 + Step-2 + Step-3  then Step-1 + Step-2 + Step-3 + Step-4  then Step-1 + Step-2 + Step-3 + Step-4 + Step-5 then Step-1 + Step-2 + Step-3 + Step-4 + Step-5 + Step-6 then Step-1 + Step-2 + Step-3 + Step-4 + Step-5 + Step-6 + Step-7

Course is not like step by step lessons training it is related to day to day living and a process based training on long term basis. Each step is based on to initiate a particular work or learning process which will continue always so as you feel a proper set up and routine is developed for previous step the next step can be added to working with the previous steps working.

For example once you have developed right atmosphere in all other steps you will need to carry over it as you will not stop the developing or maintaining of the right atmosphere in any step, same applies to spiritual connection, awareness building etc.. As this program is based on process training which goes on with day to day life so learning can not be measured by some test but only by the progress in the learning process ,generalization and development of the person suffering from autism.

Most of the training and explanation works are related and connected to day to day living and are to be done with it


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