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This is extremly effective and one of the exclusive kind of Online Class Room Course for parents or teachers to work with the people suffering from autism to make lifes of all better and put the people suffering from autism on true path of self dependence

This class room is like a guide with resources to help parent. So that parent works like the teacher to autistic child by following step by step method and using the guidance and resources in the class room to improve and develop self dependence in the autistic child. Class room works as systematic step by step program to be followed by parent to make autistic child to cover his / her lacking.

Following are the courses

  • Create Right Environment
  • Create Emotional Balance
  • Form Right Strategies
  • Start Self Dependence Development Program
  • Connect To Spirituality
  • Process Awareness & More Connection To Reality
  • Fine tune the things needed to take control

It is strictly necessary to follow the courses in sequence. Each course is basically related to environment or training. Things you will be doing in previous courses are to be continued in the next courses too for example the steps you will take to Create Right Environment will keep on being followed in all the furthur courses. The steps of training you will take to Start Self Dependence Development Program will continue as you will keep working with them on their self dependence when you start the next courses too.

The skiping to next course should be done once you have implemented few important things as a day to day process and you feel the person suffering from autism has improved enough (not necessarily completly) on the points you trying and is ready to take the next course with you.

The skipping to next course will all depend on your observation and analysis.

Its important to do all lessons and quizes for better understanding.

Always check the course you completed in few days as we will be posting resources and assignments to check and improve things.

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