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Making them develop a awareness and remembrance about there daily schedule

It’s the awareness that makes even animals to find and use things they need in life. Daily schedule remembrance and awareness makes one to keep connected to the happenings around and is first step to make someone initiate action to do things needed to be done in day to day life

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Making them aware and more focused towards environment objects and processes surrounding them

It’s the awareness about the environment and process that makes them perform this spectacle without anyone teaching them. Focused awareness about the surrounding is only way to connect to reality

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Specific working on increasing there awareness about the basic living objects, actions, processes and emotions

Small awareness can make some go a long way as longest path are build by nearly same kind of wood. The awareness of basic living objects can be achieved with easy if done in day to day basis with long term working plan

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Teaching specifically daily routine works as a total single separate section to make them self managed

However hard you try to run you can’t if you are not sure about how to move legs small basics are must. Special attention to self management related daily routine regularization can go long way in improving the confidence

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Specifically teaching self dependence

Self dependence can take someone anywhere with all disability. Lack of self dependence can take someone nowhere with all abilities, Self dependence has to be target specifically because all important things like self esteem, confidence, keenness and interest to learn and move forward can not be maintained without development of self dependence.

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Make child ALSO learn and develop an observation about things happening in surrounding and different process and activities going on

Learning is a process and that we all learn most of things by observing others consciously and subconsciously. Development of observation about process and activities that does not concerns someone directly (like cleaning of streets, market activity etc.) but happening in surrounding is most important as it develops an understanding about how day to day this helps in understanding outside world better and improves the dealing capability.

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