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We need to counter own wrong confusions about autism and first  accept autism with respect to understand it. Only right handling can make real difference for all.
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Make A Complete Circle Of Development

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Working Concept Of Program

Adjustment In Surrounding Environment Is The Key

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Concept Of The Program

Autism is like a smoke in front of awesome personality of someone. That blocks the day to day basis development of the person. And this smoke can be removed to bring out the true personality of some one.

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Aim Of The Program

Connect The Person More To Reality
Autism has got more to do with partial disconnection to reality, inability to learn by observation and small hindrances in performing basic activities and presentation of self.
Making Them Sure About Most Of The Things Needed In Daily Life
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Achieving Methodology Used By The Program

The program covers internal development of child, spirituality, self dependence development, surety of basic instructions and dealing of day to day problems faced.

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Design Of Program Content

Sections related to different Sub Topics under Main Topics expain following with help of  Points

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